Why Should Background Checks Be Included in Your Company’s Hiring Practices?

Including background checks in your company’s hiring practices is a smart business decision, as it is one step you can take to minimize the risk of a bad hiring decision.  How will employers be able to tell if a future employee will be a valuable asset, or a big liability?  Hiring an individual who is not appropriate for the job can lead to increased business costs, lost productivity, and damage to your company’s reputation, among other issues.

What are the major benefits of performing background checks on prospective employees?

  • Protection of your company and employees from potential theft, workplace violence, closure, and other legal issues
  • Preservation of your company’s image and reputation – staff is a direct reflection of your company
  • Controlled workers’ compensation costs: 13% of workers’ compensation claims are fraudulent (exaggerated, fake, or old injuries), leading to higher workers’ compensation premiums and less productivity
  • Clear separation of trustworthy job applicants from those that are dishonest on their resume, as 50% of resumes contain false information
  • Completing a background check is less expensive than dealing with disruptions in the workplace, liability and legal issues, financial loss, decreased productivity, turnover, etc.  Even a simple internet search can convey valuable information about prospective employees (and public records that may include driving records, criminal records including wants and warrants, sex offender records, court records, and various licenses including professional and business licenses).

Including background checks can help prevent bad hires and avoid problems that may be caused by hiring an individual that is not suitable for the job.  Hiring the wrong person can cost employers tens of thousands of dollars…isn’t a background check a valuable investment to ensure your organization is hiring an individual that is the right fit for the job?

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