An Introduction to Synergy’s Welcome Call

Synergy Coverage Solutions is committed to superior service and innovative solutions.  To honor our pledge in delivering quality customer service, Synergy has implemented a personalized “Welcome Call” to all Policyholders to serve as a brief introduction and answer any questions our Policyholders may have.

What’s the purpose?

  • A personalized approach to introducing Synergy Coverage Solutions
  • A method to start the partnership in a successful manner: reviewing helpful information and procedures before an incident occurs
  • Assistance in signing up for access to Synergy’s Online Service Center account

What can Policyholders expect?

  • An overview of claim reporting procedures
  • Support in selecting medical providers that are in-network so injured employees are able to receive effective medical care at discounted rates (if not previously selected)
  • An introduction to their Customer Service team (Claims Adjusters, Loss Prevention Consultant, and Billing Representatives)

What’s going on behind the scenes?

  • Policyholders’ preferred medical providers are obtained and contacted to inform them of the employer’s Early Return to Work program, Post-Accident Drug Testing, Pharmacy Approved Medications list, and billing instructions.
  • If preferred providers are not in-network, they are nominated for inclusion in our medical network to help Policyholders reduce costs, but also keep the providers they are comfortable with.

Synergy Coverage Solutions is dedicated to delivering the highest standard of quality service.  Our Welcome Call has two main purposes – to give our Policyholders peace of mind and control over their workers’ compensation costs, and to help Medical Providers understand our expectations.  This open communication aids Synergy in proactively handling claims and controlling medical costs, the largest driver of workers’ compensation claims costs.

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