Why Wait?

With every passing day that a claim goes unreported, total claims costs have the potential to increase, upwards of 20%.

Delays in claim reporting result in:

  • Missing or forgotten details from the incident
  • Difficulty in the claims investigation process
  • Delay in directing medical care, which can increase cost of treatment and compromise medical improvement
  • Increased attorney involvement
  • Reduced employee morale

What can employers do?

  • Report claims within 24 hours: Visit www.synergyinsurance.net/report-a-claim for quick & easy submission of the First Report of Injury, or call our claims reporting hotline at 1-877-327-5444
  • Train employees on proper claim reporting procedures
  • Inform employees of claim reporting procedures if an incident occurs outside of the facility
  • Designate a single contact to handle all workers’ compensation claims
  • Support injured workers by staying informed of their progress
  • Incorporate an Early Return to Work program and aim to return injured workers back to work as soon as possible

At Synergy Coverage Solutions, we are dedicated to providing quality services so your organization can return to maximum productivity.  Our latest enhancement, the online claim reporting web form, has been designed to be intuitive, streamlined, and easy-to-use, so your organization can get back to business.

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