With Rising Medical Expenses, How is Synergy Managing Claims Costs?

Previously, indemnity costs surpassed medical costs in the workers’ compensation industry.  Today, medical costs continue to increase and have now surpassed indemnity costs.  How is Synergy Coverage Solutions working proactively to control medical costs?

  • Medical billing is handled in-house, giving us the ability to examine every medical bill, line by line, and only approve appropriate expenses (oftentimes, medical billing is outsourced and bills are paid without question).
  • Payment representatives are fully informed of individual claim details, offering a full perspective of the claim, rather than a segmented view.
  • Our network of medical providers deliver effective care at reduced prices and are informed of our Return to Work procedures.  When injured workers receive appropriate care, they are able to reach maximum medical improvement and return to work in a shorter time period.
  • Pharmacy network discounts are equal to wholesale costs.
  • Internal Nurse Analyst ensures injured workers are receiving effective care using the most cost-effective approach, proactively avoiding complications, and returning injured employees back to work as soon as medically appropriate.
  • Average medical costs are reduced by more than 50% of the original billed amount.

Synergy Coverage Solutions is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of the industry and providing valued services for our Policyholders.  To learn more about our innovative solutions, visit www.synergyinsurance.net.

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