Large Deductible Case Study

A school system, originally on a Guaranteed Cost policy, moved to a Large Deductible policy to obtain additional premium savings. In the first year of their Large Deductible policy, claim costs decreased by 62% and claim count decreased by 39%. This organization’s success can be attributed to strong management commitment to safety, implementation of crucial safety programs including Post-offer Medical Questionnaires, and a strongly enforced Early Return to Work program.

With a Large Deductible policy, our team at Synergy works in close conjunction with the employer to keep all parties informed and up-to-date on claims. This includes areas such as:

  • Regular claim reviews
  • Consultations on establishing reserves
  • Settlement of claims
  • Assignment of 3rd party vendors

Large deductible

Why choose our Large Deductible program?

  1. Cost Savings. Workers compensation premium is significantly discounted and employees remain fully insured.
  2. Flexible Products. Choose the premium and deductible level that best fits your organization. Deductibles range from $10K to $1M, with A rated carrier options available
  3. Quality Service. Aggressive claims management, combined with constant collaboration and communication with the employer, ensures satisfaction among all parties involved.

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