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Synergy Coverage Solutions has prospered under a limited production model. Instead of casting the largest net, we emphasize key historical relationships with top producers who are specialists within a given niche. By limiting the distribution of our unique product offering, Synergy has created very little overlap amongst its production sources, creating goodwill and a true partnership mentality between us and our production base. This strategy helps maintain the strong demand for Synergy’s service intensive value proposition as a limited and highly sought after product versus the more commoditized offering of the standard markets.

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we emphasize key historical relationships with top producers who are specialists
within a given niche.


Synergy Coverage Solutions is a Managing General Agent for a select few carriers. This gives us the ability to offer flexible product offerings while maintaining high quality customer service to all policyholders, no matter which carrier they have chosen. While we have several niche markets such as non profits, staffing, healthcare and educational institutions, we maintain a generalist perspective in our underwriting philosophy. Because of our team approach, we are most interested in policyholders that have a management culture for safety awareness and an acute understanding of cost containment. Due to our high service model, our producers find that policyholders are extremely satisfied year after year, easing the renewal process for all parties involved.


Binding Requirements

  • Satisfactory Payment Arrangements
  • Completed and Signed Application Submitted by a SCS Appointed Producer
  • Completed List of Officers Including Names, Titles and Exclusions
    (if applicable)
  • Claims and Loss Prevention Contacts
  • Address of All Locations


Premium Payment Options

Synergy Coverage Solutions offers several options for premium payment to allow Policyholders the flexibility to select the plan that works best for their organization. Click here to view our premium payment options.

*Payment options are subject to financial underwriting and vary by carrier - please contact your Underwriter for payment plan options specific to your organization.

Submission Checklist
Submit the following:
  • Signed and Completed Accord Application Including Insured’s FEIN
  • Currently Valued Loss Runs for Current Year and Three Prior Years
  • Copy of the Experience MOD Worksheet
  • Detailed Description of Account, Financials, Engineering Reports, Safety Manuals, etc.
  • Target Premium
Submissions are accepted 90 days from the effective date
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Loss Prevention

Our goal is to work closely with our agent/broker and the employer to reduce accident frequency and minimize severity of workers’ compensation claims. Each employer will have a dedicated Loss Prevention Consultant who will reach beyond routine inspections and will create and help implement a customized loss prevention plan. You can rest assured that the policyholder will appreciate the attention from their Loss Prevention Consultant, which will help to maintain long lasting relationships. Our highly talented loss prevention staff works behind the scenes to identify trends in safety management and are constantly on the cutting edge of developing programs for our policyholders. 

Our loss prevention services are also available for customers not insured by Synergy, but would benefit from access to professional safety services.  Click here to view our extensive portfolio of loss prevention services.

Each employer is encouraged to contact their Loss Prevention Consultant and review our website for our online Safety Resources as they become aware of needs within their organization.

Current topics our Loss Prevention Consultants are finding vital for a safe work environment include Post-Offer Medical Questionnaires, Fit for Duty/employee health programs, Hiring Practices and Early Return to Work programs.

Loss Prevention services for specific industries can be found here:

Temporary Staffing
School Systems

We provide and encourage constant communication with all parties throughout the life of the claim until the claim is concluded


Claims Management

Proactive claims handling with focus on cost containment is critical in customer satisfaction, acceptable loss ratios and long lasting relationships. Synergy Coverage Solutions has a staff of highly experienced claims representatives who thoroughly investigate each claim to determine compensability through a 3-point 24-hour contact, including a recorded statement. Once compensability is determined, claims are adjudicated swiftly using multiple cost containment programs.

Employers especially enjoy the relationship they build with their dedicated Adjuster, establishing a true understanding of your client’s business. Adjusters work in small teams to promote collaborative thinking and provide back-up for your dedicated adjuster, as needed. Additionally, in person claims reviews are always available.



Claims Process

  1. Employer Submits Claim via Synergy’s Online
    Claim Reporting Form or Claim Reporting Hotline
  2. Within 24 Hours Contact Is
    Made With:
  3. Compensability Is Communicated
    To The Employer and Employee

Claim Submission

Online Claim Reporting Form
or Claim Reporting Hotline


The Employer to confirm the details of the accident.

The injured worker to provide information about the injury; a recorded statement may be taken.

The medical provider to confirm diagnosis and treatment.
Various cost containment programs are used to bring the claim to a close:
  • Pharmacy and Medical Provider Networks
  • Claims Index Bureau
  • Medical and Vocational Case Management

Employer Submits Claim via Synergy's Service Center or Nurse Triage Center

Within 24 Hours Contact Is Made With The Employer, Injured Worker And Medical Provider.

Compensability Is Communicated To The Employer and Employee


Constant communication throughout the life of the claim with the employer and employee until the claim is closed as equitably as possible.

Case Studies

The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) has changed an integral part of the calculation of the experience modification factor. The change is coming in phases beginning in 2013, with an increase again in 2014 and the third increase taking place in 2015.

This case study will help you to understand the basics of mod calculation and how the changes in the Split Point will begin to influence the modification factor.
We compared several different scenarios using a Mod Master program to show the changes an employer should expect due to the new mod formula and what producers may want to know in advising their clients of the change.

As we all know, the mod directly impacts workers’ compensation premium. To that end, it is in the best interest of all employers to keep their mod low by keeping claims frequency and cost down. Therefore, at the conclusion of our case study, we have outlined some ideas to keep workers’ compensation claims to a minimum.


Click on any of the following Supplemental Applications to download and complete. Please send new submissions and completed supplemental applications to our Underwriting inbox by clicking here.

Small Business Unit

The below Supplemental Applications are for our Small Business Unit, specifically designated for hospice, home care, retirement facility, and assisted living center organizations with annual written premium of $15,000 - $50,000.

Office Information

217 South Tryon St.
Charlotte, NC 28202

Monday - Friday 8:30am-5:00pm (EST)

Main 704-927-2860

Toll Free 866-710-0908

Fax 704-927-2867

Classification and Rate Request Form

When a new client relationship is being considered for Temporary Staffing accounts, the following form will need to be completed and submitted to the Agency contact. Please submit completed forms to underwriting@synergyinsurance.net.

Response time for class code, rate, or approval requests will be within one business day.

Click here to download the Classification and Rate Request Form