Synergy Coverage Solutions Results

February 1, 2013

Synergy Coverage Solutions is pleased to announce positive results for January 1, 2013. By far, our biggest renewal date for the year is January 1st with 20% of our book renewing. We had a record number of new submissions for this date and we were able to capitalize on many of those opportunities. Our goals were exceeded for January 2013 which confirms our belief that this year will be another year of overall growth for Synergy Coverage Solutions.

We were particularly successful with risks in the hospitality industry to include restaurants, hotels and country clubs. We were also able to add some property management and facility management companies to our inforce book of business. Of course, we wrote several risks in the medical industry, temporary staffing accounts and non profit organizations.

Our mid size deductible option (up to $90,000) gained popularity over the past several months. We were able to gain multiple new accounts in various industries with this product.

We wrote 65% more new business premium on January 1 this year, compared to last year! Not only do we anticipate a growth year, we are also confident our loss ratios will continue to be acceptable and, in fact, will improve with the changing market.

We give credit to each and every one of our staff members who has provided exceptional service over the years. Without our service, we know we wouldn’t have had these excellent results.

We are looking forward to 2013 which will provide opportunities to bring more innovation and paramount service to all of our customers.

Thank you to our producers and employers who partnered with us in 2012 and early 2013. We look forward to a successful year together.