An Update Regarding the Georgia Panel of Physicians

March 3, 2017

Georgia employers are now permitted to list "associated" physicians in their Panel of Physicians.

Have you reviewed your Panel lately to ensure it is still valid?

• Phone numbers and addresses are accurate
• Physicians listed are still currently practicing
• Includes 1800MD, our new Telemedicine option
• Insurance company information reflects Synergy Coverage Solutions
• Meets the requirements in the Official Notice (i.e., an orthopedic surgeon, no more than two occupational clinics)

Have you updated your Panel recently? Keep a current copy of your Panel on file at Synergy - email to:

After a work injury occurs:

• Present a copy of the Panel and Bill of Rights to the injured worker and have them circle their selection and sign the form
• Forward the signed Panel to your Claims Adjuster at Synergy
• Immediately notify your Adjuster if the injured worker selects a provider whose specialty does not match the type of injury, a distant provider is selected when a comparable provider is closer in location, or other questionable behavior is exhibited.