Penny Wise and Pound Foolish

May 14, 2018

For 10 years, Synergy's average claim cost has been 38% lower than the industry, yes 38%*. Over the more recent policy years, our lead over the industry has actually increased. Employers serviced by Synergy quietly receive the experience modification benefit, often leading to decreased workers' compensation premium in the long term.

This ranks us first amongst our peers in our four largest states - North Carolina, Illinois, Georgia, and Florida. Where does your workers' compensation company rank?

*Data Source: 2018 National Council on Compensation Insurance

How does Synergy consistently outperform the industry? Unrelenting improvements to claims management including fast and early intervention, along with forward thinking loss reduction programs. Tight coordination of these services and programs with each Insured has substantially lowered claim costs, leading to long term premium savings.

Is average claims service leading to additional hidden cost levied onto your Client? Is this resulting in higher than necessary experience modifications? How can you tell? (Synergy's analysis utilized data from the National Council on Compensation Insurance).

Can a premier agency like yours offer more? Placing your clients with a company with the best proven results will help you stand out as a top workers' compensation advocate. Expand your book of workers' compensation business by educating your clients and prospects about the Synergy difference.