Imagination to Reality

March 25, 2019

Synergy understands your clients demand the most cost-efficient workers' compensation program that fits their financial profile. We know that one size does not fit all and one program does not fit all.

At Synergy, we have developed products ranging from traditional Guaranteed Cost to Large Deductible, all the way to providing Excess Coverage for large self-insured employers - and anywhere in between. Our Underwriting teams analyze submissions, looking for opportunities where Synergy can provide the best value for your most demanding clients. Using imagination and asking "What if?" is another way Synergy works to deliver coverage solutions.

Our unique approach to Underwriting, combined with unmatched claims investigation and management has resulted in Synergy's ability to consistently outperform the industry with an average claims cost that is 45% lower than the industry. Ultimately, claims cost reduction drives down the long-term cost of workers' compensation premium, allowing you to provide lasting value to your clients.