Synergy Insurance Company Introduces Large Deductible Program in North Carolina

August 5, 2013

Synergy Insurance Company has filed and received approval from the North Carolina Department of Insurance for a Large Deductible Program, effective August 1, 2013.  The Large Deductible Program will start with deductibles at $25K and up.  In order to be eligible for the Large Deductible Program in North Carolina, a policy must have a minimum of $250K of estimated Workers Compensation Standard Premium.

Our Intermediate Deductible Program has shifted to now include the following deductibles: $10K, $15K, and $20K, and the Small Deductible Program has not changed.

Although this change currently affects North Carolina, large deductible programs will be filed and are expected to be approved within the year for South Carolina, Georgia, and Indiana.  The Large Deductible Program in Illinois was filed and approved in June 2013.

Please contact your Underwriting Representative if you have any questions about this change, or any other product offerings of Synergy Insurance Company.