Revised Agent of Record Guidelines

August 15, 2011

Synergy Coverage Solutions regularly reviews our procedures to determine if modifications are necessary based on shifts in industry conditions and trends. With this in mind, Synergy Coverage Solutions has enhanced our Agent of Record policy.

Our desire is to continue to reward our most loyal producers by protecting their renewal book of business. Therefore, we will not accept agent of record letters on the renewal business of our top producing agents and brokers for one renewal period once an Agent of Record Letter is presented. Those producers with $1,500,000 in written business with Synergy Coverage Solutions qualify for this protection. In the same spirit of rewarding our most loyal producers, if we receive an Agent of Record Letter from a 'protected producer' on renewal business of another 'protected producer,' the Company will in fact accept the Agent of Record Letter.

In addition to supporting our most loyal producers, it is essential that Synergy Coverage Solutions also supports all of our valuable markets. Therefore, if a producer is restricted in accepting or presenting a quote from any of Synergy Coverage Solutions' carrier partners or self-insurance funds due to reasons such as but not limited to A.M. Best Rating, not meeting agency/brokerage firm financial requirements or limitations in E&O coverages and a complete submission is received from a second agent, we reserve the right to release a quote to the second agent using a market the original agent is restricted from using. This could potentially result in Synergy Coverage Solutions releasing a quote to more than one producer using different carrier partners or funds.

These enhancements will become effective immediately. Please contact your Marketing Representative if you have any questions.