Is Synergy's Deductible Program Right for Your Client?

January 15, 2014

Synergy's Deductible Program allows employers to know the absolute maximum aggregate amount of claim costs that may be incurred within one year, with flexibility to choose the premium and deductible level that fits best for their organization.  Deductibles can range from $10K to $1M.

 How can our Deductible Program help you?

  • Great product to generate new business
  • Increased renewal retention rates
  • A successful tool that differentiates your proposal from other agents

 A few benefits for the Employer:

  • Cost savings
  • More acute awareness of safety in the workplace
  • A successful program for employers with good loss experience to obtain additional premium savings, as well as employers that have had unprofitable experience but have made changes to their organization to correct their experience

Let us help you produce new business customers and increase renewal retention - contact your Marketing Underwriter if you have any questions, or would like more information about our other programs available.


The benefits of our Deductible Program can be evidenced in the bar graph below. Since this organization took on a deductible in 2011, their claims frequency and severity have consistently decreased.