Synergy Coverage Solutions Focuses on Profitable Growth with Creation of Premier & Specialty Markets

September 11, 2014

As Synergy Coverage Solutions has increased its workers' compensation products and markets, it becomes necessary to focus our company on areas of strength to drive maximum profitable growth across all product lines. In order to accomplish this, Synergy has found it necessary to segment our premium operations into two key groups - Premier and Specialty Markets - with each division having complete responsibility over underwriting risk selection, agency appointment/development, sales, and product development.

Premier Markets: Our Premier Markets division will focus on underwriting and sales for our A-rated carriers, which include Republic Indemnity, Builders Insurance Group, and Advantage Workers Compensation Insurance Company. Our Premier Markets division will be led by Arlene Higgins and supported by Underwriters Jan Thomas, Dianne Marino, and Rich Steinbruck. Rejoining the Company will be Charles Creech, responsible for business development of Premier Market products.

Specialty Markets: Our Specialty Markets division will focus on more specialized classes of business, such as niche business not requiring an A.M. Best Rating. The Specialty Markets division will be led by Jill Bowyer and supported by Ken Gesner, who will be responsible for business development of Specialty Market products. Derrick Killian has been promoted to Underwriting Manager with Kathy Wolf adding strong underwriting experience to the team.

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Synergy Coverage Solutions is confident the restructure of our premium operations will foster profitable growth and expanded success throughout our territories. We strongly believe our Agents will especially appreciate the focused partnership and maximum opportunities for growth. Additionally, Agents can rest assured that Policyholders will receive a consistent customer experience, including proactive loss prevention and aggressive claims service, whether being handled by the Premier Markets division or Specialty Markets division.