Synergy's Latest Enhancements Focus on Claims Costs

November 4, 2014

Optimal Care Received with Synergy's New Health Ticket

Synergy's Health Ticket is a snapshot of workers' compensation resources immediately available for employers and injured workers. This one-page directory lists all necessary resources for an an effective recovery, including medical providers, pharmacy information, scheduling services, and treatment requests. When an employee sustains a workplace injury, the Health Ticket will be sent to the employee, with immediate direction on where to receive medical care.

There are three main benefits to our new Health Ticket system:

  1. Clear instructions on where to receive medical care, including pharmacy information.
  2. Medical care is received within approved providers.
  3. Medical costs are further controlled by utilizing providers that are familiar with Return to Work programs (historically shown to dramatically reduce claim costs).

Click here to view a sample Health Ticket.

Medication Monitoring & Drug Testing Keep Employees Safe While Managing Medical Claims Costs

Prescription drug abuse is a growing dilemma in the workers' compensation industry with the potential to result in dependency, addiction, extended disability, and even death. When an employee sustains an injury at work, we aim to return the employee to maximum improvement in the least amount of time, in the most cost-effective manner. Prescription drugs are often prescribed by medical providers to help with pain management; however, simply prescribing pain medication increases the risk of unfavorable outcomes for the injured employee.

Our new Medication Monitoring & Drug Testing program helps ensure injured employees use prescription medications appropriately. Additional benefits to this program include:

  • Reduced risk of toxicity with multiple drug interactions
  • Identification of illicit and non-authorized substances
  • Managed medical claims costs
  • Toll-free hotline for immediate access to certified, licensed toxicologists

By effectively managing claims costs, employers have the opportunity to improve their organization's experience modification rate, directly impacting workers' compensation premium in the long term.