Introducing Helios, Synergy's New Pharmacy Network

October 13, 2015

Effective November 1, 2015, Synergy will be changing our pharmacy network provider to Helios.  Please follow the below schedule for accessing First Fill prescription forms:

Why are we making this change?
Our commitment to our policyholders has always been to provide unparalleled services and creative solutions. This includes proactive claims management that results in a reduction in long-term workers' compensation spend. To do this, we must maintain a watchful eye for opportunities that will enhance our program and increase the value we bring to you.

Starting November 1, 2015 Helios will be our new pharmacy benefit manager, replacing Cypress Care. We made this change to enhance our existing pharmacy management program and foresee several exciting benefits.

  • Timesys®, their directly contracted, nationwide, workers' compensation-specific pharmacy network will assure injured workers receive hassle-free access to their claim-related medications.
  • Earlier capture of prescriptions in-network will not only increase savings, but provide us with more data and better optics into the claim so we can make more informed decisions regarding the injured worker's medication therapy regimen, assuring receipt of the right medication at the right time, in the right dose and for the right duration.
  • Pairing their advanced analytic insight, evidence-based clinical protocols, and best in-class suite of clinical tools with our time-tested claim management best practices will help us identify potential misuses or abuse situations sooner, positioning us to act even earlier in the claim. This will not only mitigate exposure to high-risk, high cost claims, but also promote faster return to work and better overall claim outcomes.

As part of the transition, you will soon be receiving new materials with more information regarding our partnership with Helios. Injured workers will also receive new pharmacy cards. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the upcoming changes, please contact Belinda at (704) 780-4960.