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Synergy Coverage Solutions focuses on one thing, Workers’ Compensation Insurance. We understand for your workers’ compensation program to be successful, your business needs an experienced and knowledgeable Insurance Company - one that works as a partner to assist you in providing a safe workplace for your employees, along with reducing claims costs once they occur. Unlike most insurance companies, Synergy Coverage Solutions is privately owned by its management team. Because the team operates as business owners, we relate to the operations and challenges you face each day.

As a policyholder with Synergy Coverage Solutions, you will have your own service team which will act as an extension to your company. Your service team is held to the highest standard of quality service and is committed to building a long lasting relationship with your organization. Together, our goals are simply to reduce your workers’ compensation cost, provide a safe work environment for all of your employees, and quickly adjudicate workers’ compensation claims as they occur.

Committed to the highest standard of quality service and building long lasting relationships.


Synergy Coverage Solutions provides exceptional claims service through equipping each policyholder with a dedicated Lost-time and Medical Adjuster. This approach fosters effective communication, achieves continuity and avoids confusion during the claims handling process. Adjusters work in small teams to promote collaborative thinking and provide back-up for your dedicated adjuster, as needed.  Your team works in tandem with your organization to ensure all claims are adjudicated swiftly and fairly. In person claims reviews are available for policyholders on an as needed basis.

Our highly experienced claims staff focuses on proactive claims handling and cost containment which is critical in reducing your workers’ compensation costs and earning your business year after year. Each lost time claim is thoroughly investigated to determine compensability through a 3-point 24-hour contact including a recorded statement. Once compensability is determined, claims are adjudicated using multiple cost containment programs. Post accident drug testing and early return to work are always factors considered immediately upon receipt of any claim.

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OSHA’s Recordkeeping Guidance for COVID-19 requires employers to make a determination of work-relatedness for each employee who has a confirmed positive COVID-19 illness. Employers are also required to document their investigation and log illnesses that are work-related on the OSHA 300 log.

Through this investigation, if the employer cannot confirm that the infection clearly occurred outside of the workplace, a claim should be submitted to Synergy Coverage Solutions for a compensability investigation. Download our COVID-19 Investigation Form below to help guide the investigation.


COVID-19 Employer Forms

The following forms have been developed to assist employers in documenting COVID-19 information in the workplace. Please email info@synergyinsurance.net if you have any questions regarding their use.

COVID-19 Investigation Form
Illinois COVID-19 Employer Recommendations
COVID-19 Employer Recommendations worksheet (all states except IL)


COVID-19 Communications

COVID-19 Employer Recommendations for all states except IL (6/24/2020)
Illinois Legislative Update: COVID-19 Workplace Safety & Health Recommendations (6/11/2020)
COVID-19 Workers’ Comp Claims Investigation Audiocast (6/2/2020)
OSHA Revised Recordkeeping Guidance for COVID-19 (6/1/2020)
Ensuring a Safe & Health Workplace (5/8/2020)
Kentucky Executive Order Regarding COVID-19 & Workers’ Comp Benefits (4/17/2020)

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Medical Networks

Telemedicine: Phone a Physician

With our Telemedicine option, workers who have sustained soft tissue injuries, sprains and strains, or skin irritations can speak with a Physician over the phone for initial treatment after a workplace incident occurs. Telemedicine physicians prioritize getting injured workers back to work without overtreatment and if medication is needed, only non-opioid medications are prescribed.

Physicians are available 7 days a week from 8am-10pm EST. If requesting a telemedicine call after 10pm EST, a physician will be in contact the next day.
How does this work?

Use this form to request a telemedicine phone call:
Phone a Physician Form – English
Phone a Physician Form – Spanish

Physician Network

Through a medical network consisting of credentialed and qualified physicians throughout the United States, we are able to provide injured workers with effective medical care at a significant cost savings. Positive outcomes, coupled with reduced cost and accessibility makes the network an effective solution.

Click on the button below to search for providers in our medical network near you:
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Pharmacy Network

15% of workers’ compensation medical dollars are allocated to prescription costs. Therefore, reductions in this area have a significant impact on overall medical claims cost. Through our pharmacy network, the cost of prescriptions are not only reduced but the network helps to control dispensing of prescriptions. The network communicates to the adjuster if misuse is suspected, if there is a generic form of the medication available and if the medication being requested is questionable for the treatment of the compensable injury.
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Give this form to your injured workers for their initial prescriptions:
Pharmacy First Fill Form

Safety Programs

Studies show that the average company will decrease claims frequency by over 30% with the establishment of a safety program. That frequency number continues to decline as program commitment increases and enhancements are made.

Workers’ compensation claims can be expensive, reduce morale and reduce productivity. The best antidote is to prevent the claims from happening in the first place through a well thought out loss prevention program. Synergy Coverage Solutions will help you create tailored programs that are consistent with the goals and needs of your company and help to reduce the frequency and severity of workers’ compensation injuries. Our goal is to help you establish a multifaceted loss prevention program through a four pronged approach.


Four Pronged Approach

  • Evaluation of the work place and current program
  • Formulate a blueprint for the company’s safety plan
  • Create and implement policies and procedures
  • Monitor the program consistently and suggest enhancements as the company evolves


Click here to review our extensive portfolio of loss prevention services.  These services are also available for customers not insured by Synergy, but would benefit from access to professional safety services.  Contact us here for more information.

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Safety Resources

On The Web
Toolbox Talks
Forms and Templates

Agencies and Organizations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) http://www.osha.gov
NC Dept of Labor https://www.labor.nc.gov/safety-and-health/occupational-safety-and-health 
National Safety Council http://www.nsc.org
The American Society of Safety Professionals http://www.assp.org
The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health http://www.cdc.gov/niosh

Safety Information

EHS Today Magazine http://ehstoday.com
Industrial Safety and Health News http://www.ishn.com
North Carolina OSHA – Video Library https://www.labor.nc.gov/safety-and-health/library/how-borrow-dvds-and-videos

The following presentations are available for download and are in a power point presentation format:

Equipment & ProcessArc Flash Safety.pptBloodborne Pathogens Healthcare Workers.pptEmergency Preparedness Healthcare Workers.pptErgonomics Healthcare Workers.pptFood Service Safety.pptForklift Operator Safety English.pptForklift Operator Safety Spanish.pptForklift_Inspection_Checklist.docHazard Communication Healthcare Workers.pptKitchen Safety.pptLadder Safety 101.pptxLaundry Safety.pptLockout Tagout Affected Employee.pptLockout Tagout Authorized Employee English.pptLockout Tagout Authorized Employee Spanish.pptMachine Guarding English.pptMachine Guarding Spanish.pptWarehouse Safety Presentation.pptHazardous SubstancesCompressed Gases.pptFlammable and Combustible Liquids.pptxHazcom and GHS What Employees Need to Know.pptUnderstanding Chemical Labels Under GHS.pptUnderstanding the New Safety Data Sheet.pptWelding, Cutting and Brazing.pptHealthBack Safety English.pptBack Safety Spanish.pptBloodborne Pathogens English.pptBloodborne Pathogens Spanish.pptOffice Ergonomics.pptSubstance Abuse in the Workplace For Supervisors.pptSubstance Abuse in the Workplace for Employees.pptWellness and You.ppt
Personnel SafetyEye and Face Protection English.pptEye and Face Protection Spanish.pptFoot Protection.pptHead Protection.pptLadder Safety.pptNoise and Hearing Conservation English.pptNoise and Hearing Conservation Spanish.pptPPE Hand Protection (Spanish).pptPPE Hand Protection.pptPPE Healthcare Workers.pptPowered Platforms.pptRespiratory Protection Healthcare Workers.pptRespiratory Protection.pptSlips, Trips and Falls English.pptSlips, Trips and Falls Healthcare Workers.pptSlips, Trips and Falls Spanish.pptSafety AdministrationAccident Investigation.pptHome Safety.pptJob Hazard Analysis.pptNew Employee Safety Orientation English.pptNew Employee Safety Orientation Spanish.pptOffice Hazards.pptRecordkeeping Injury and Illness.pptSafety and Health Program.pptWorkers Compensation Safety Presentation.pptWorkplace Safety for Employees English.pptWorkplace Safety for Employees Spanish.pptTransportationDefensive Driving for Noncommercial Motorists English.pptDefensive Driving for Noncommercial Motorists Spanish.pptDriver Wellness.ppt

The following downloads can be used for a quick but effective safety discussion.

Back SafetyBack Injuries.rtfSafe Lifting.rtfBlood Borne PathogensProtection from Bloodborne Pathogens.rtfChemical UseChemical Burns Also Burn.rtfHow Should You Use Chemicals.rtfCompressed AirCompressed Air.rtfConfined SpacesSafety in Confined Spaces.rtfConveyer SafetyConveyer Safety.rtfElectricalBe wary of Extension Cords.rtfElectrical Hazards.rtfElectrical Shock.rtfPracticing Electrical Safety.rtfErgonomicsPractical Ergonomics.rtfPreventing Cumulative Trauma Injuries.rtfFall ProtectionPersonal Fall Arrest Systems.rtfFire ProtectionFire Safety.rtfThe ABCDs of Fires and Extinguishers.rtfYour Part in Fire Prevention and Protection.rtfFlammable LiquidsFlammable Liquids.rtfForkliftsForklift Safety.rtfLoading and Unloading Forklifts.rtfRolling Safely in the Aisles.rtfThose Faithful Forklifts.rtfHazard CommunicationsHazard Communication Training.rtfHow Should You Use Chemicals.docHearing ConservationNoise on the Job.rtfProtecting Your Hearing.docYour Hearing - Conserve it or Lose it.rtfHeat and Cold StressBe Cool.rtfSafety by Degrees.rtfStop Overexertion.rtf
HousekeepingA Clean Worksite Is a Safe Worksite.rtfPreventive Maintenance.rtfSafety Problems in Maintenance Shops.rtfLaddersClimbing Fixed Ladders.rtfStaying Safe with Portable Ladders.rtfsafe Ladder Usage.rtfLoading DocksLoading Dock Safety.rtfLockoutLockout for Safety.rtfMachine GuardingSome Training Suggestions.rtfUse Machine Guards.rtfMotor Vehicle SafetyDefensive Driving.rtfDistracted Driving.rtfDon't Sit on It, Wear It.rtfFoul Weather Driving.rtfRoad Rage.rtfNew HiresNew Hires Need Safety Orientation.rtfPersonal Protective EquipmentHand Protection.rtfKeeping it Under Your Hat.rtfProtecting Your Skin on the Job.rtfRespiratory Protection.rtfSafety Shoes.rtfWhy All This Equipment.rtfSlips and FallsKeep Alert and Prevent Falls.rtfSlips, Trips and Falls Precautions for Healthcare Workers.pdfTrainingSafety Instructions Getting Your Point Across.rtfWeldingArc Welding Safety.rtfThe Three F's of Welding.rtfWelding and Cutting Safety.rtfWellnessCoping with Stress.rtfNutrition.rtfWorkplace ViolenceRecognizing Danger for Healthcare Workers.pdfWorkplace Violence.doc

The following documents are available for download, click on the topics to view the available downloads.

Accident InvestigationEmployee Accident Investigation Form.docEmployee Accident Report (Spanish).docxSupervisor Accident Investigation Form (Spanish).docxSupervisor Accident Investigation Form.docxSupervisor Incident Investigation Form.docxConfined SpacesConfined Space Entry Guide.docConfined_Space_Entry.docDefensive DrivingMVR Criteria - Qualitative.docMVR Criteria - Quantitative.docElectrical SafetyElectrical Safety Audit - partial.docElectrical Safety Awareness Quiz.docElectrical_Safety.docExtension Cord Use.docFire SafetyFlammable and Combustible Liquid Container Storage.docForklift SafetyForklift_Inspection_Checklist.docHazardous MaterialsHazard_Communication.docSuspicious Packages - Mailroom Guide.docThe Hazard Communication Standard Brochure.docHiring PracticesADA Enforcement Guidance regarding Preemployment Questions and Med Exams.pdfConditional Offer of Employment Example.docxHazardousConditions- Aging and Obesity are impacting WC industry.pdfJob Analysis Form Example.docxObesity and Workers Compensation.pdfPost Offer Medical Questionnaire (Spanish).docxPost Offer Medical Questionnaire packet.pdfPost Offer Medical Questionnaire.docxPost Offer Medical Questionnaires and Physicals overview and legal opinions.docxLockout TagoutEquipment Specific Lockout Tagout Procedure.docLockout Tagout Quiz.docLockout_Tagout_Long.docLockout_Tagout_Short.docPeriodic Lockout Tagout Inspection Form.docOSHAConfined_Space_Entry.docEmergency_Action_Fire_Prevention.docHazard_Communication.docHearing Conservation.docxLockout_Tagout_Long.docLockout_Tagout_Short.docOSHA Small Business Handbook.pdfPPE_Hazard_Analysis.docRespiratory_Protection_Program.docOtherPowdered Actuated Tool Operator.docPersonal and Protective EquipmentPPE Hazard Assessment.docPPE_Hazard_Analysis.doc
Post-Accident Drug TestingPost-Accident Drug Testing for Severe Workplace Accidents.pdfRespiratory Protection3M Respirator Guide - Welding.pdfNIOSH Respirator Selection Logic.pdfRespiratory Protection Implementation Guide.docRespiratory_Protection_Program.docRespiratory_Protection_Voluntary_Use.docSCBA Inspection Form.docSafe Lifting and ErgonomicsAFMA_Voluntary_Ergo_Guidelines.pdfComputer Workstation Brochure .docErgonomic Checklist- Computers.pdfErgonomic_Stretch_Breaks.pdfErgonomic_Stretches_Breaks-2.pdfSafe Lifting and Movement of Nursing Home Residents.pdfSafe Patient HandlingAssessment Criteria and Care Plan for Safe Patient Handling and Movement.docBack Injury Prevention Guide.pdfBrochure - Patient Handling in Home Healthcare.pptBrochure - Patient Handling.pptPatient Care Ergonomics Resource Guide - part 2.pdfPatient Care Ergonomics Resource Guide.pdfSafe Patient Handling Guidebook.docSafe Patient Handling and Movement Policy.pdfSafe Patient Handling in the Acute Care Setting.pdfSafety Culture and ProgramBehavior Observation Checklist.docBehavior Observations Report.docEstablishing Safety Orientation and Training.docEstablishing a Safety Committee.docFostering Employee Participation in Health and Safety.docIncorporating Safety into Performance Reviews.docJobsite_Safety_Checklist.docMonthly_Building_Inspection_Form.docSafety Committee Minutes Form.docSafety Committee Responsibilities.docSafety Slogans.docSafety_Health_Policy.docSample Safety Policy.docSample Safety Rules.docWorkplace_Safety_Checklist.pdfSlips, Trips & FallsBrochure - Slips Trips and Falls Brochure.pptMopping Instructions.pptPoster - Slips, Trips, and Falls.pdfSlip, Trip, and Fall Prevention - Healthcare.docWet Mopping Instructions.docThermal Stress, Fire SafetyFlammable and Combustible Liquid Container Storage.docWarehouse and Beverage DeliveryBeverage Delivery Checklist.docOSHA Pocket Guide - Warehousing.pdf

View our industry training videos to learn about important safety topics in healthcare, materials handling, motor vehicle safety, and food prep.

Our on demand safety seminars include leading topics in loss prevention and vital programs for a well-rounded workers’ compensation program.


Synergy has a variety of free safety DVD’s and Video Job Safety Analyses for your use including the following topics listed below.

  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Slips, Trips and Falls for Healthcare
  • Ladder Safety
  • Safe & Sound: An Introduction to Defensive Driving
  • Think and Drive
  • Accident Investigation for Supervisors
  • Lock Out/Tag Out Training
  • Elements of Back Care In Healthcare
  • Accident Causes and Prevention for Healthcare
  • Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls
  • Forklift Safety Training in Spanish
  • Fire Extinguishers-Fire Prevention
  • Electrical Safety Illustrated
  • Hazard Communications



Your workers’ compensation premiums are determined by your annual payroll and classifications of your employees. Since your premium is quoted based on estimated payroll for the coming year, an audit at the end of each policy period ensures that the premium you have paid is neither too much or too little. The outcome may produce a return premium owed to you, the policyholder, or you may owe additional premium to Synergy Coverage Solutions due to the original estimates not being the actual payroll. We want the audit process to go smoothly for all parties involved. Therefore, use these audit pages to prepare for the annual review.


Tips to Avoid Audit Pitfalls

  • As you and your broker explore carrier options, be specific about your operations and your employees’ duties.
  • Provide realistic payroll estimates when the policy is written
  • During the policy year if operations or payrolls significantly change, inform your broker
  • Stay organized throughout the policy year, keeping up with payroll and employee job descriptions, so it will be easy to provide to the auditor during the onsite visit.
  • Ask for a mid term audit review via your broker if you have questions during your policy period.

Client Services

Synergy Coverage Solutions’ Client Services team is dedicated to efficiently answering all client billing questions and concerns. In addition to consistently improving our services, we are committed to addressing our clients’ comments and listening to their suggestions. We make it a priority to provide the highest standard of quality service and are driven to building long lasting relationships with our clients and organizations. Our goal is to provide our clients with unequaled and first-class customer service. Our Client Services department can be reached Monday through Friday from 8:30am– 5:00pm.


Client Services

Alicia Randolph, Senior Client Services Representative
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